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Will you join me in this dance of MISERY?

As morphine tears through deadned veins, I'm numbing in these days...

.*.The. ever. so. fab. life. of. Skank. Pants.*.
15 July
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<.Im Heather Ailene Whyte.
.I hate my name and mostly everything about myself unless im in a better mood.
.Im 16 and a junior in highschool.
.I love my friends and hate my family.
.Friends are all I have in life.
.I have the best boyfriend in the world <3 his name is kyle and he makes me feel like the best thing ever.

.I live for music, its the only thing that keeps me sane.
.I hate liars and fake and posers, you know nothing about me so shut up.
.Im very political so dont talk about polotics with me, I will win any arguement you pass my way.
.Bah humbug.
.Concerts are fun.
.Shopping is cool>.
.Make-up is my art.

.Some people find Divinci, Goitto, or Bonaratti their key but M.A.C. and Dior are mine. <3
.I adore people and meeting new friends.
.I can be the nicest person in the world.
.I can be the biggest bitch as well.
.I love life.
.I hate life.
.Everything is one big blurr to me.
.I dont think im pretty at all.
.Im always on the phone.
.I have a bad memory so remind me a couple times and ill try my hardest.
.I have nothing to do with drama, unless it involves me.. heh.
.Im good at many things, minus the things im bad at.
.Take your time getting to know me, my first impression will never be good enough for you.
.You have to be patient, cuz I tend not to be.
.I love talking.
.I hate silence.
.I LOVE The Ramones.
.Ive seen kiss and poison in concert as well as led zepplin ::gag::.
.Ive shaked hands with darrell dimebag.RIP.
.I have met Marky Ramone and almost fainted.
.Ive been to 5 countries in Europe, all amazing to say the least.
.Im getting married at a young age.
.I will be successful.
.I will be the best.

.I bid you ado.

...The grass stains on my knees wont mean a thing...


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